Knowing that it’s the right time to buy a house isn’t always enough, especially if you are plagued with fears about buying a house. Getting over the fears could help to save you two hundred or more dollars a month. For example, you could save three hundred dollars a month in major cities like New York and Atlanta where rents run as high as $1,200 a month or more.

Don’t let fears keep you from living in a good home

But, first you have to know what’s stopping you from buying a house. To move beyond the blockages, you may also need to know why you have these fears. Topping the list of the fears that could be keeping you from buying a house may very well be money.

Closing costs, title fees, home inspection fees, mortgage insurance, property taxes, homeowners insurance and homeowners association fees could cause you to think that you’ll never have enough money to afford a to own a house. However, some of these expenses are one time charges.

Buy a house that’s the right size and within your budget and you could find yourself saving money versus what you would have paid in rent. Admittedly, it could take five to seven years before you yield these savings.

In addition to money, you might also be afraid that you don’t have the skills to perform maintenance on a house. Similar to what you could do to face your home ownership fears, to remove the home maintenance block, create a budget.

Home ownership fears that have nothing to do with money

Seeing how you can cover a mortgage and maintenance and repair costs could put you a tease. However, to move beyond other fears that could be keeping you from buying a house might require more than creating and reviewing a budget. Among these other fears might be:

  • Feeling that you would be alone – Single living might be great for apartment living. Yet, being single could find you feeling lonely or like you’re too far away from other people after you move into your own house. Develop friendships with neighbors and colleagues who you trust to deepen and broaden relationships. Inviting relatives over more may also help.
  • Home care – It’s not just maintenance costs that could be giving you pause. The idea of mowing the lawn, raking leaves and shoveling snow might turn you off. Workarounds for these home care activities might be hiring a neighbor teen to care for your landscaping.
  • Neighbors – When you live in an apartment, all you have to do is contact the management to deal with difficult neighbors. Buying a house may push you to communicate more with neighbors to get through rough patches.

Just because you buy a house that doesn’t mean that you lost the chance to move again. What you could get by buying a house is the chance to enjoy lower monthly housing costs. You definitely won’t have to deal with rents that rise each year.

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