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NEW CONSTRUCTION AT HILLCREST ESTATES. HOUSE TO BE BUILT. This new development of 74 lots has 2 lots left. There are eleven different models available to be built. Prices start at $640k base price, with approximately 2400 sq.ft., and going up to as large as you care to build. Buyers can request alterations, design their kitchen, select their options, and build “Their House, Their Way”. Embedded Open Space is spread liberally throughout the development and will be deeded to the Town. Close to Ashland’s “T” station, just off historic High Street. Hopkinton State Park is nearby with its beach, picnic grounds, play areas and walking trails. It is roughly an 1/8th of a mile walk away down a woodland trail. House models shown by appointment only. Houses are built to Energy Star standards. The Hillcrest Estates web site provides details about features for the models. Prices start at $640,000. 10 Brogden is the sales office address.

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Businessman with city viewThere are many reasons you may find yourself in a new city or state, far from home and your comfort zone, possibly even your family and friends. Whether you’ve decided to close the gap between your long-distance-relationship, were transferred to a new city by your company, are uprooting yourself for the college or university of your dreams, or are simply seeking new opportunities and fresh faces, getting familiar with a new community be disheartening.

As a real estate agent, I see this often. Meeting new people and becoming acquainted with a new area may be easier if you follow some of the suggestions I offer to buyers new to any given area:

Put yourself out there. Most towns and cities find ways to encourage their residents to come together as a tight knit community, in fact some cities may even have a planning board or association dedicated to this. Many areas may have outdoor venues and pavilions for varying activities such as free concerts or even large group work-outs. Keep an eye out for any mixers or activities in your new neighborhood.

Pick up a hobby! If you’ve recently moved to a new city surrounded by water try out kayaking! Find something you enjoy and you will more likely than not find other like-minded people out and about practicing the same hobby.

If you’ve moved to a city or area where walking to and from varying destinations, walk! If you’ve moved to Boston, or a city similar to Boston, try walking to work rather than taking public transportation. This is a great way to get situated in a new area. Not only will you learn the different roads and geography of your new city, you may find a hidden gem off the beaten path that you would’ve never noticed otherwise. Which leads me to my next suggestion:

Seek out hidden gems! Sometimes small businesses, gyms, pizza places, and coffee shops are the best way to meet people and get a feel for the residents of a certain area. Look for smaller establishments and you’ll be sure to find a very serious group of ‘regulars.’ This is another good way to fit into the community and a good way to meet people. Plus you’re experiencing all your area has to offer rather than dining at or hanging around corporate locations you can find all over the country!

If you’re moving to my area from far away, I’d be happy to walk you through the change as your real estate professional!


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