washing windowsDon’t do windows? Think again. A house with sparkling windows all around sends the impression of property well cared for. This is a chore that none of us look forward to, and the outsides of the windows, particularly on the upper floors, are a pain to do. But newer houses have windows that tip inward, so you can wash both sides from inside your home. Try moving the windows; you may be surprised at how easy it is.

Make a solution of 50% tap water and 50% white vinegar in a spray bottle. No need to buy that smelly chemical cleaner. Use lint-free material to wipe the windows clean; newspaper works best, but any lint-free material will do. If using newspaper, crumple up a sheet for streak-free results. For very dirty windows, it may be better to wash them first with soapy water and then use the spray bottle with the vinegar/water solution.

Don’t do windows on a sunny day, at least in direct sunlight, however. The sun bakes the cleaner on and the glass dries too quickly, before you have a chance to wipe the grime away. It’s best to wait for a cloudy day; that way you can get all the windows done at once. Make a plan to complete this work in the spring and in the fall. It’s a good idea to clean your windows twice a year. Brush the screens off, also. Dust and pollen accumulates and your hard work of cleaning the glass may not be so noticeable. Special roller brushes made for just this purpose are sold at hardware stores.

Once you have completed these tasks, walk around your house and observe how clean the glass surfaces of your house look—you’ll never say “I don’t do windows” again!

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NEW CONSTRUCTION AT HILLCREST ESTATES. HOUSE TO BE BUILT. This new development of 74 lots has 2 lots left. There are eleven different models available to be built. Prices start at $640k base price, with approximately 2400 sq.ft., and going up to as large as you care to build. Buyers can request alterations, design their kitchen, select their options, and build “Their House, Their Way”. Embedded Open Space is spread liberally throughout the development and will be deeded to the Town. Close to Ashland’s “T” station, just off historic High Street. Hopkinton State Park is nearby with its beach, picnic grounds, play areas and walking trails. It is roughly an 1/8th of a mile walk away down a woodland trail. House models shown by appointment only. Houses are built to Energy Star standards. The Hillcrest Estates web site provides details about features for the models. Prices start at $640,000. 10 Brogden is the sales office address.

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